Ria Timkin is a solo songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has developed a cinematic indie-pop sound grounded in strength, intelligence and complexity.

With her unique vocals and raw musical talent, Ria explores the darkness of inner conflict and the lightness of hope in her music, creating a musical fairytale. She is honest in her intent to create dramatic, bipolar emotions in her listeners through her thought-provoking lyrics and contrasting upbeat melodies. Happy, witty, dark and different all at the same time, Ria’s tracks draw you in and carry you away.

Originally from Moscow, Ria started travelling the world from an early age, signing up for singing competitions and, later on, participating in student conferences as part of her international law degree. In 2014, Ria moved to Bristol, UK, to officially launch her music career while also pursuing a Master’s in commercial law. In 2016, Ria released her debut single “Dance With Me” followed by her debut EP “Visitor”. Having been well received all over South West England, “Visitor” was featured on various national radio stations including BBC Introducing and BBC Radio Bristol. Ria’s interactive live performance, with a witty application of the loop station and layered sounds of the guitar, keyboard, percussion, melodica and vocal harmonies, quickly earned her spots at over 100 shows across the breadth of the UK. She also appeared at such well-known festivals as Glastonbury, Shindig, Bristol Harbour Festival and Redfest.

With the release of her single “Energy” in 2017, Ria’s sound started a transformation in a more powerful, darker, yet feminine direction. Continuing to actively perform and host a popular open mic in the centre of Bristol, Ria embarked on the songwriting journey preparing to record her next EP. While waiting out the drastic effects of the pandemic, Ria slowly brought all the pieces of her next release together. At the end of 2021, Ria relocated to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she is gearing up for the release of her new EP in November 2022.

With a dark, sultry yet warm, playful and enchanting look, Ria is a serious musician with aspirations to play for audiences across the globe. Being boldly honest about her own insecurities and self-deprecating nature, Ria challenges her listeners to identify those similarities within themselves and to take steps to overcome their inner conflicts through intelligence, resilience and inspiration. Keeping her love of playing for live audiences and connecting with her listeners at the forefront of everything she does, Ria is back performing, making new music and taking steps forward every day.   

“There are so many layers to her music that it should be a criminal offence not to listen all the way through to the end.”


“Wonderful music with an Eastern inflection in her voice”

BBC Introducing

“…Fearless and brilliant, … an artist who’s ready to take on the world.”

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